CM Tags is a leader in the field of custom brand identification and packaging enhancement products. We work closely with clients and designers to manufacturer and create affordable and effective labels to promote and enhance your products and image.

With a deep knowledge of plastic injection molding, zinc die-cast metals, rubber mold metals, aluminum stamping, and digital printing, we supply our clients with creations designed to add that special pizzazz to their sales efforts.  We work with factories all over the world to bring you specialized craftsmanship, quality and value.

Whether you need tags, labels, decorations, medallions or even specialty packaging, you can rest assured that our attention to detail, creativity and experience translate into valuable tools to help increase your sales and capture the attention of the consumer.

What you envision and we bring to life

  • Medallions: An oval or circular design used as decoration
  • Seals: A piece of wax, lead, or other material with an individual design stamped into it,
  • Hang Tags: A tag attached to an article of merchandise giving information about the product and emphasizing the brand name
  • Embellishments: A decorative detail or feature added to something to make it more attractive.
  • Trim: Decorate (something), typically with contrasting items
  • Nameplate: A flat, usually rectangular piece of metal, wood, or plastic on which the name of a company or brand is printed or engraved
  • Emblems: A thing serving as a symbolic representation of a particular quality or concept.
  • Enhancements: To raise the value, price, or image of a product

Industries we serve are Spirits & Wine, Jewelry and Watches, Cosmetics, Eyewear, Apparel, Computers, Boats, Furniture, Machinery and most importantly, yours.