What are Enhancements?

Improve the perceived value of your product with a medallion, seal, nameplate of any item that adds beauty to your packaging or reinforces your brand name.  Enhancements do just that, they enhance your image and your value.  Beat your completion and attract the attention of your customers for a small cost.

What are Emblems?

Emblems are items that serve as a symbolic representation of quality or concept.  Do not cheat your product and use an emblem to convey the quality of your product.  Emblems can be a nameplate, seal, or medallion.  When you add your company logo, you are telling your customers that your family crest represents quality and pride in the products you manufacture.

What are Name Plates?

Our custom made nameplates can be made of aluminum, zinc die cast or plastic.  Nameplates can be printed or engraved, either way, they will reflect your brand. It is time to consider a nameplate for anyone of the following reasons.

  • You want to display your company name and image with distinction
  • Your logo has changed
  • Your company has merged
  • Your competition has updated theirs
  • Your product has matured
  • Your product line has expanded

What is Tag/Trim?

A well-crafted hang tag stands out when placed on products. The tag can be injections molded or aluminum stamped with your logo raised engraved to provide a three dimensional tag.  A custom Tag emphasizes your brand name and high quality image.  Upgrade from the plain printed products, and enhance your brand and package or bottle. All Tags are custom designed based on your supplied artwork.

What are Embellishments?

A decorative detail or feature added to your packaging will set you apart from the competition on the retail shelf.  That little touch of something extra is what makes a stock bottle look custom and beautiful.  For a small cost, go the extra step and capture the attention of the customer.

What are Hang Tags?

Let’s face it; a well-designed hang tag stands out when placed on products. That’s why it’s important to print high quality custom hang tags, from CM Tags. A custom Hang Tag not only provides information about the product, but emphasizes your brand name and image.  No more plain, boring printed products, it’s time to enhance your brand and promotional materials with one that attracts customers and informs them.

What are Seals?

Wax seals on a bottle or package bring a great deal of authenticity and look fantastic, however it can be somewhat time consuming if you have more than a handful to get through. As great as they look, should they crack or break, the look of prestige disappears.  Save yourself the hassle with these custom made wax-like or plastic seals.  They are exactly like the real thing; they use a flexible plastic material that looks and feels like wax which won't break or crumble. They can have an adhesive backing which can easily be peeled off and ready to be placed directly on your bottle with minimal effort. All seals are custom designed based on your supplied artwork.

What are Medallions?

Our die-casted medallions are renowned for their crisp detail, superior craftsmanship, and impressive finish.  A medallion magnifies your brand image with a three dimensional tag that is affixed to your bottle or package.  We provide medallions with adhesive on the backside for easy application to your product.  We can help you turn your logo into a prestigious medallion that exudes your brands quality. All medallions are custom designed based on your supplied artwork.